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Welcome to the journey that will change your life forever! We put this online program together as we wanted to reach out and help more people in all parts of the globe.

It’s time to increase your energy levels, lose body fat and simply feel great!
Join thousands who have all shed body fat AROUND THE WORLD after reading OUR best selling books and now it’s available in an interactive online 84 day body challenge.

Re-energise your Life ONE day at a time. Come on this fun 84 day online fitness journey with us and change your body and life. Every day you will receive a nutrition, exercise or mindset challenge to complete! As well as one exercise to complete each day that accumulates into a full training session on day seven. Every day is a different exercise!

We have done all the research for you, so just sit back, watch the daily 2 minutes video on the daily challenge or download the PDF info sheet, gain knowledge on 84 different topics to enhance your wellbeing and see yourself improve in all areas of your life. The 84DayBC teaches you the secrets to a healthier and happier life, something you can do with your whole family.

Your life is like an empty canvas and you are the painter who chooses what picture you end up with. Choose wisely! We are here with you over 84 days on the fitness journey that will teach you how to eat, move and think wellness for Life.

Once you are hooked on thinking wellness, you will never look back!

Matt & Monica







84 Day Program – Just $197

Lifetime Access - (Limited Time Only)


  • No counting calories or dieting – just easy to follow daily checklists covering training, healthy eating and mindset.
  • Daily 2 minute videos with Matt & Monica to keep on track – we give you the information in bite size pieces over the program so you are learning all the time.
  • Watch, Listen or Read – you choose how you want to learn. Watch the videos, listen to the MP3 workouts or print off the PDF information.
  • Hundreds of different conditioning exercises and workouts – watch it on video or download PDF with pictures.
  • Shopping lists, menu plans and dozens of healthy easy to follow recipes.
  • A Private 84DayBC Facebook group where you have direct access, with unlimited support from Matt and Monica, and the entire 84DayBC team.
  • All the information you need about Alkaline eating, so that you can lose weight “for life.” Remember if your body is Acidic, you will not lose body fat. We show you ways to get the body alkaline.
  • Access to the 84DAYBC App. Quick access to the exercise of the day, fusion workouts, recipes and the mp3 audio workouts.


No counting calories, no going hungry and no dieting!! That is too hard! We focus on everything in moderation and eating food not numbers!
We have 100 different recipes to choose from for breakfast, lunch and dinner or follow our guidelines and build your own! We keep it simple and build daily checklists for you to follow based on each daily challenge.

Your knowledge of food and how it affects your body shape will be something you can take with you for the rest of your life. You will actually come out of these 84 days with an eating plan that works for you for life.

Over the next 84 days we will be teaching you the difference between alkaline and acidic foods and how to choose an alkaline food to have at every meal. We have over 100 tasty alkaline recipes for the whole family including vegetarian options.

Why Getting The Body Alkaline is so Important

Our number one health tip we can give to you is to get your body Alkaline because in today’s society that is so fast paced, stressful at times and full of processed food, it is making the majority of the population very Acidic.

Acidity is not a new concept. In 1933, Dr. William Howard Hay published a ground-breaking book, A New Health Era, in which he maintained that all disease is caused by “auto-toxication” (or “self-poisoning”) due to acid accumulation in the body

It is our attitudes we have developed toward our bodies; if it doesn’t kill me right away I will worry about it later, for now I just want to have a good time. We value everything more than the health of our bodies, and it is killing us. For most of the population, our bodies are out of balance and fighting a losing battle to maintain health and vitality and the ability to fight against disease. So how is this modern lifestyle affecting our health so much?

In one word the answer is ACID.

Only an Alkaline Body Will Let go of Fat

Emotional stress, anger, frustration, processed foods, and a poor nutrition-deficient diet cause acid in our system. These acid wastes move around the body via the blood and lymphatic system until our overloaded kidneys decide to dump them as fat. We dump toxic wastes in fatty deposits as far away from the organs and heart as possible; on the buttocks, the chest, the thighs and the stomach. This acid also travels to the weakest points of the body causing us to feel aches and pains due to lack of oxygen and high acidity in body tissue.

Start removing the acid from the body and watch the body fat disappear and your energy reappear!


Each day you get a different exercise to complete that accumulates into a mini fusion workout on Sundays. We offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced options, so everyone is training to their personal best. Choose to watch the training videos, listen to the mp3 workouts or print off the PDF workouts with photos.

The Fusion Workouts can work for anyone regardless of age and fitness level. It is all about “personal best” training and keeping it simple and fun. It can be adapted anywhere regardless of equipment or the environment you are in.


We provide tools to get you thinking in the right direction, work out what is stopping you getting to your destination in your fitness and life. We break down all the obstacles and help you every step of the way. Our social network provides a space for you to discuss the daily challenges with other members in our private facebook group and you have our support 24/7.

You must believe that you will have the body you always wanted. You are in control of what goes in your mouth. You are in control of your thoughts. We are here to help you work out your why, give you tips on staying dedicated, reduce the cravings that affect your mindset and help create a happier healthier life for you and your family.


Follow the 84DAYBC program with your own interactive Mobile App designed just for you, access all the workouts, recipes and checklists every day at the touch of a button. Our accountability section of the App is governed by you, how many fit ticks can you get over the challenge?


Private Facebook Support Group

Our social network provides a space for you to discuss the daily 84 challenges as well as discuss all things Alkaline with other 84DayBC members. Including daily motivational tips, videos, advice und unlimited support from our entire team.


84DayBC Bonuses Include:

  • 84 Day Body Challenge Action Manual eBook – a user friendly day by day diary that provides you with an action plan with 19 different fusion workouts and daily checklists (136 pages).
  • Full eBook of our best selling book ‘Change your Body’ with the Worlds Fittest Couple – 360 pages of life changing material and our story to win 7 world titles.
  • EAT EAT EAT Alkaline Recipe eBook – giving you breakfast, lunch and dinner options! Vegetarian options also listed. All easy and fast to make. No counting calories or strict dieting, that’s too hard… just nutritious recipes you can follow and be lean for life! (132 pages).
  • Additional, workout, cooking and mindset videos.

Melbourne, Australia

I got huge results during the challenge! In the 12 weeks I lost 20kgs and then continued with my weight loss journey and have lost another 27kgs since then. My advice is to follow the rules and guidelines with faith and you WILL get results!

Melbourne, Australia

I’ve done the challenge several times and it’s now a way of life for me! My advice to anyone is JUST DO IT! It’s a healthy way of getting fit, strong and lean in which you can watch your body change and feel amazing!

Melbourne, Australia

I really enjoyed the content! There is some serious planning in there, with a structure that helps you plan and have meals ready and makes the 84 days easy to follow.Getting to eat so much is the best part! I’m a lot fitter than I was and have instilled habits that I will continue with!

Melbourne, Australia

My favourite part of the challenge is the clarity it offers with each step. It is not just for 84 days, but is life changing. The challenge makes you be honest with yourself, be true to your exercise as well as helping you believe in yourself!

Melbourne, Australia

In only 7 days I could feel the energy and weight loss benefits! One of the best parts is the nutrition plan that really helps with food discipline. I highly recommend the challenge as it helps with mental clarity, weight loss and feeling good. It inspired all of my family to get involved!


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84 Day Program – Just $197

Lifetime Access - (Limited Time Only)